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Empty Journeys


Empty journeys is an online trip exchange platform which is used to match and connect spare or free capacity on a truck to those requiring goods to be transported within the East African Block i.e Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda,Burundi and Tanzania.

Empty journeys is an online platform for users to:-

  1. Offer their empty trips
  2. Find an empty trip from available posting
  3. Request an empty trip as a customer on specified current or later date

FLEET MANAGERS- this are the vehicle owners, truck owners, fleet companies. They get to register their truck and vehicle on the platform in order to get job opportunities available and listed on the platform by customers Customers- this are load owners. They access the platform to make available their transportation needs, they access the platform to seek mobility of their goods thus book trucks making empty trips.

DRIVERS- this are the people managing the vehicles listed on the platform. They alert all users on availability of the truck on specific routes. They are allowed on the platform courtesy of the the truck owners,transporter. Each truck that an owner registers on the platform is assigned a driver for management and communication by the brokers or customer.

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