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What's Axe Credtis

Axe Credit Limited, hereafter referred to as “Axe Credit,” is registered under the Company’s Act in the Republic of Kenya, the year 2017 certificate no. PVT-6LUQMY9. We are licensed and trade as a Credit only institution as stated our company memorandum. The Head office is in Prime Plaza 4th Floor in Nakuru Town along Mburu Gichua road, opposite Gate house.

AXE CREDIT deals with provision of Microfinance and Microcredit products and services in a unique and innovative way. The company was established to respond to the ever-growing need for small business loans. Currently the client base is well over 300 spread out within Gilgil and its environs. The company is cognizant of the fact that customers are interested in products that are affordable, diverse and with flexible terms of payment. Axe Credit therefore undertook to meet these customer requirements and over time, the organization has built a brand that is strong, trusted and appealing.

The products we offer will enable our client to improve their status in life. We aim at the productivity of the client to enable them achieve their full potential which has hitherto been elusive due to the perceived risky nature of providing financial services to the Micro, Small and Medium Businesses. To effectively serve its customers and meet their diverse needs, Axe Credit Limited is structurally organized in a way that it responds to customer’s requirements and needs in a seamless, efficient and effective manner.



This is a loan product that is designed to unlock our clients’ business blockage, An application for fasta fasta loan leads to access of the funds within one hour. This enables beneficiaries to carry on with their business smoothly. The beneficiaries are able to pay conveniently and in bits enabling them to maintain their cash flow, capital and growth. We focus on time, a factor which relate and reflect on our profits therefore we issue loans just in time to let one catch on opportunities which might otherwise slip away due to delayed funds.

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